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About Us

We celebrate 25 years in business.

Best Ingredients

We use the best quality products for each of our dishes. Consistency, inspiration and dedication makes our menu a delicious experience.

Made the Quality Way

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Be Bold // Do Everything Better
Be Open // Work Stronger Together

Happines all the time

Enjoy our exquisite food in hour restaurant or at your comfort with our delivery service
As we enter our 30th year of serving fine folks in south Florida we realize just how fast time goes by when you love what you do.Most of our staff have been with us for at least 10 years some over 20 years.
A great place to work, Tonys believes in Family first which is why we are closed on Sundays.As far as ingredients go, we have not changed any in 30 years, Same “Grande” cheese from Wisconsin(best cheese money can buy sold only to independent pizza Operators like us.Stanislaus Tomato products from a family run company in Northern California. Our flour milled somewhere in the U.S. :-)
Our dedication to quality has kept us going all these years pleasing many foodies and families alike. We celebrate our 30th anniversary with our heads held high as we are proud of products and service.