We are better for these main reasons:

#1 We are an independently owned local business.

#2 We differentiate ourselves from the "Chain" Pizzzerias by using "Grande" Cheese from Wisconsin.

Grande is the best and most expensive mozzarela on the market.The "Chains" wish to use this cheese but are not able to buy it because "Grande' only sells to "Mom and Pop" Pizzerias!

#3 Our OVENS: Unlike "Chains" who use conveyor belt ovens for volume purposes we use Deck Ovens that provide a MUCH better, crispier pizza.

#4 Our Owner Brad. Is available anytime with a concern or request.Try meeting the owner of a "Chain" Pizzeria.

#5 Our Pizzas are bigger, heavier, have more sauce and cheese and taste better due to our experience and passion for a superior product.




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