Family Owned

What's better than great tasting pizza? More of it! At Tony's our Pizzas are 14% larger*, weigh more and are comparably priced!. We know and love this business, 34 years in Miami Gardens-Three quarters of a million pizzas. All made by hand with the best ingredients money can buy! 100% real Mozzarella from a family owned dairy in Wisconsin, Freshly packed tomato products from a family owned farm in Northern California . We take great pride in our work and hope it shows. 

We want you to be satisfied the minute you walk through our doors or pick up the phone to call us or enter our website to browse and order. Visit our newly remodeled dining room to eat in a casual atmosphere or order take out with a fast and efficient wait time, have a glass of wine or a draft beer while you wait, chat with a fellow customer or watch some sport highlights. WE KNOW YOU'LL LOVE US BECAUSE WE SIMPLY DO IT BETTER.

Brad Terry-Owner since 1988 

*Than the leading chains.